The Many Taste Grooves of the Chang Family

I am so excited to share my latest science fiction short story—The Many Taste Grooves of the Chang Family! I'm particularly proud of this one, maybe because it's so grounded in my own family. I wrote this specifically for Diabolical Plots' food themed submission window, and could not have been happier when it was accepted for publication there. I really love the types of stories they publish and am humbled and honored for my story to join their ranks!


And Again, We Try

Hooray, I've got one more publication! Happy to share that I got 3rd place in If there's anyone left's micro-fiction contest. I wrote this story years ago but never felt like it was quite ready—something was missing. But then this micro-fiction contest came along, and I thought it'd be a good challenge to try to condense the story to something under 500 words. And condensing it made the story much tighter and work a lot better! Hope you enjoy!


Breath of the Dragon King

I am so so excited to share that I've got a short story that will be appearing in Fantasy Magazine's October issue! It's my first ever pro sale, and I really couldn't be happier that it found a home over at Fantasy.

Read it here, or read more below for some thoughts that went into the story 🤗

Fantasy Magazine October cover art


Writing like a Coder

My new years resolution this year was to be less shy about my writing. So here's something— I've spent the last three years writing a book that turned out to be three books! Anyway, the first draft of that is done, and one of my lessons learned was actually software related, namely, what software I liked to use to write. So I wrote up a post with some helper scripts I've used to create the writing process that works the best for me, and the best part is, it's all free and open source! Hope this helps someone out!



Update 12/26— This was nominated for a Pushcart Prize by Flash Fiction Magazine! Thanks Flash Fiction Magazine!!

Today my short story was published! I think this is actually the first short story I've really published. It's nice and short (<1000 words) and was largely influenced by Jesmyn Ward's beautiful writing about a relationship between a dog and a kid in Salvage the Bones. Hope you enjoy!