Software Engineering Daily podcast

I was invited to be on the Software Engineering Daily podcast recently, and the episode went live today! I talk about the infrastructure we set up with our talk radio ingest (similar to the talk I gave at Data Council a year ago) and also the pipeline we set up to ingest local conversation data through Cortico's Local Voices Network. Take a listen!


Writing a Git Hook in Python

I gave a talk at the Boston Python Meetup back in October on using Python to write git hooks. My example was using a git hook to automatically add the titles of the books you are currently reading to your git commits. Why on earth would you want to do this? Well I wanted to do it because I use git to version control my writing, and often times I read my writing and wonder what I was reading at the time that made me write in that way. So it was a git hook that probably only I would use, but it was fun to learn, and even more fun to give a talk about. I'm a big fan of the Boston Python Meetup!